TBN – The Jury Has Spoken

Monday, June 5, 2017, a jury in Orange County, California awarded Carra Crouch, granddaughter of TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch, $2 million in damages.

This is from the Orange County Register:

An Orange County jury Monday, June 5 awarded $2 million in damages to the granddaughter of late televangelist Jan Crouch, finding that the minister acted outrageously when she blamed and berated her 13-year-old granddaughter after the girl told her she had been sexually assaulted by a church employee.

…Jan Crouch, as an ordained minister, was legally required to report the incident under California’s mandatory reporting laws, he said, but she never called police because she was more concerned about the “bad press.”

Online source.

For just a moment, let’s set aside the fact that this is supposed to be a Christian ministry who should guard and protect young ones against this type of violation.  What’s so troubling about this case is that Jan Crouch, the victim’s grandmother, allegedly berated her 13-year-old granddaughter after the sexual assault instead of protecting her, or seeing to it that she received proper care, counseling, and of course, justice.

TBN’s kingdom has grown into a global phenomenon.  The Crouch family has proven they are more concerned with protecting their kingdom than protecting their children from predators.  The lawsuit stated Jan Crouch was concerned about “bad press,” while her granddaughter languished in years of doubt and atheism as a result of being victimized by an employee of TBN.

What would we have done had we been in Jan Crouch’s shoes?  Break his legs?  Throw him over a balcony?  Call the police?  All of the above?  Yes…those are the things we would normally be tempted to do, and that is because we have natural affection untainted by power and greed.  I can’t fathom a grandmother turning on her grandchild the way Jan Crouch turned on her granddaughter.  At the moment she needed her most, Carra Crouch was rebuffed by her grandmother for the sake of preserving the kingdom she and her husband Paul had built.  How sad.

Thankfully, the jury believed Carra and awarded her for her pain and suffering, although no amount of money would ever be enough.  It feels good just to be believed.  It’s just too bad she couldn’t have gotten that from her grandparents.